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Dry Air Technologies - India is an well established manufacturing organization of specially Container Desiccants since 2007. It is well equipped and serving all types of exporters globally to prevent their Export goods from moisture and condensation issues by a well Technical experts. We offer wide range of container desiccants in various sizes and types which ever fits the customer needs. We shall provide an error free service and timely delivery at any where globally. Ontime delivery and customer service is our main motto.


  • Desiccant
  • Oxygen Absorbers
    Oxygen Absorbers

Features :

  • Prevents Moisture, Condensation damages, Container Sweat, Container Rain while Sea Transport
  • Low expenses than Silica Gel Per container
  • Absorbtion more than 200%
  • Non - toxic and Eco friendly
  • Long Lasting until the complete voyage
  • No DMF - No Biocides
  • Leak proof - dual layer packed
  • Easy Installation

Recommended Usage of Dry Air Desiccants:

Normally the acurrate calculation for requirement of the Desiccant is difficult, because of the various factors like climatic conditions, hygroscopicity of stuffing goods, Transit duration, climatic and temperature variations while sailing in sea etc. But normally we recommend 2 - 4 kgs for a 20 foot Container Dry Cargo with Moisture content of the goods less than 10% and transit time 10 Days. If moisture content is more than 10 % we recommend 6- 10 kgs. You can also increase or decrease of the quantity of desiccants as per your needs. Using more number of desiccants will give a good protection from condensation.


Comparision with Silica gel

10 times more absorbtion than silicagel .Surface contact with air is high.Low expenses per container than silica gel

Dual Layer Packed

Dry Air Desiccants are packed with dual layer packing with only air permeable Tyvek paper and PP spunbond.Dupont tyvek will be allowing only air not water molecules.

Area of applications

All containerised export goods tend to sea transit which ever want to prevent from moisture damages like mold, fungus,rot, bad odor, termites, rust, etc. example - Coffee, spices, coir shipments and all agri export shipments, Automobile, engineering exports, wooden and handicraft exports, - Iron, steel, copper, electronic goods, leather goods, castings, machinery etc.

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